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On behalf of the Executive Board and entire fraternity and sorority community, I am beyond excited to welcome you to the Stockton University Panhellenic Association!  My name is Brooke Valan and I am honored to serve as the Panhellenic President for the year! The 6 chapters at Stockton all provide incredible environments that offer opportunities rich for growth and enhances the college experience as a whole!


Although each of our 6 chapters are different, we join together with the same values of sisterhood, philanthropy, academic excellence, integrity and justice. Each chapter supports one another in developing self confidence, wellness and  friendships. We encourage acceptance and inclusion in each organization. 


The Stockton Panhellenic Association strives to build a welcoming community that reflects diversity and inclusion of all 6 chapters. We strive to make our Panhellenic community stronger by committing to promoting diversity. Women of all backgrounds make up our chapters and each are celebrated and recognized for their ideas, values and contributions to the community as a whole. Every voice is heard. 


I could not imagine my life without Panhellenic and I am beyond grateful for the incredible opportunities I have received through this tight knit Greek community. Our community as a whole truly epitomizes everything worth treasuring in life: sisterhood, loyalty, respect, honor, inclusion, giving back and fun! I truly have found my home within this Greek-letter community and will do everything possibly to help each individual find the same incredible and rich experience too!


This website as a whole will give you a better understanding of Panhellenic life at Stockton University and the resources needed to create memories that will last forever! If you have any questions or need help in any way with your Panhellenic journey, do not hesitate to reach out!


I look forward to the amazing year I know we will have.


Be who you want to see, not what others want to see.



Brooke Valan (she/her)

2022-2023 Panhellenic President

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